Here at Atomic Breakfast, not only do we excel at finding the perfect match between publisher and advertiser;
we keep the device in mind…and most importantly, the user behind the device.

People First Approach!


In a world of programmatic buying and selling, the advertisers, publishers and users are oftentimes complete strangers to one another. At Atomic Breakfast, we make sure there’s a human touch to the process. Whether it’s display, video, mobile or native, we’re here to make sure it’s a match made in heaven.


Full Transparency


Full Compliancy

Real Time Bidding

Location, Location, Location

At the end of the day, everyone wants prime real estate. You’ve got a 18th century town house on the Upper West Side. We’ve put together an amazing open house for you; there’s hundreds of buyers lined up. Someone’s gonna be paying over the asking price.


Busy Buyers


We understand that you can’t be in a million different open-houses at once. Even in the programmatic world, there’s a limit to knowing when the real estate will pay off. We only send you invites to the listings you’re interested in. We go to the location and make sure it’s there… and selling as advertised.


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